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Software/App development

We are familiar with the design and development of various software and applications, whether it is PC software or mobile phone applications, if you have any software customization requirements, we will be your best choice.

Online Marketing and Promotion

Don't know how to do digital marketing? We can solve problems for you. We are familiar with a variety of digital marketing tools including google, facebook, instagram, etc., to help you quickly acquire customers and generate sales orders.

Website Design and Development

Whether you need a company portal or an e-commerce website, we can quickly help you complete the website design and development, connect with online payment and logistics systems, and support the automatic generation of electronic invoices. You only need to focus on your own business

Network and system maintenance

The network and system are the infrastructure for the operation and development of your enterprise, but lack of maintenance will also cause difficulties in the work. We can build enterprise network for you or perform necessary maintenance on your existing network or system to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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