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Btbots - Crypto Trading Robots

A completely free cryptocurrency automatic trading robot system, which connects to the Binance trading platform and realizes a variety of cryptocurrency automatic trading strategies.

Exrate - Exchange Rate and Crypto Price

From Exrate app, you can easily get global currency exchange rates and latest prices of hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Light and dark themes meet your individual needs. Easily reorder the currency list for easy viewing. you can easily calculate the monetary amount you need to query, with a simple calculator function.

Haobo Mahjong

Based on many years of experience in mahjong competition. It adopts the method of quick answering questions, focusing on training players.
This App includes the basics that must be mastered for the primary selection and the advanced level: card efficiency (maximum probability) first listening practice, card quantification (solitary card quantification) practice, card progress (listening judgment) practice and classic drawing break Listen to practice.