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How to remove facebook pixel (meta pixel) 2022 ?

If you have a unused facebook pixel (now also called Meta Pixel)), and you want to delete it. Well, since Facebook has changed the Business Manager layout, it is currently not possible to remove unused Facebook Pixel from your Business Manager. they might bring this feature back, but who knows ?

However, you do have a way to remove the pixel from your ad account, if you like to do so. I will show you the step below.

1. Go to Business Manager -> click the Business Settings button

2. Go to ‘Data Sources’ -> Pixels

3. Choose the Pixel you want to remove from your ad account

4. Click Connected Assets

5. Click the trash icon next to the ad account name

Then, you have done.

When you remove ad accounts from your Pixel in Business Manager:

  • They’ll stop seeing new activity from your business’s Pixel in Events Manager. This includes standard events, custom events and custom conversions from your business’s Pixel.
  • Assets they created using your business’s Pixel will stop working.
  • If you re-add the ad account to your Pixel in Business Manager, previously created custom conversions will automatically start working again.

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