The scope of company activities of online stores: code 4791 TEÁOR

When opening an online store in Hungary, most people focus on exciting tasks such as market research and creating a webshop . However, we should not forget about the less exciting, but undoubtedly important tasks either.

One of the most important in this category is the legal obligations of the online store .

The first step is to define the scope of activities .

According to the TEÁOR’08 (Uniform Sectoral Classification System of Activities), webshops mostly belong to the activity scope of 4791 “parcel delivery, internet retailing”.

Fast-track: Parcel delivery internet retail

“The commercial activity during which the trader provides the customer with commercial communication indicating the characteristics and price of the product, thereby enabling the customer to make a transactional decision regarding the purchase of the product, and delivers (has delivered) the product ordered on the basis of such commercial communication to the to the indicated address.” (Referred law: )

What activities are included in 4791?

All products that:

  • Sold by telephone, television or radio
  • All retail products – sold via mail order service
  • Auctions on the Internet
  • Internet retail sales of products

So almost all products belong here. At the same time, there are also activities that require a license and that do not fall within this scope of activities.

Exceptions that do not belong to 4791

  • Sale of all vehicles, vehicle parts and accessories
  • Likewise, the sale of motorcycles, their parts and accessories

These are listed under codes 451, 453 (former), and 4540 (later) instead of TEÁOR 4791.

Notification of scope of activity and other legal information

Although it is worth discussing this with a lawyer and accountant, these legal steps will still be necessary to start your webshop:

  • Notification of scope of activity
  • Publication of an imprint on the site
  • Publication of General Terms and Conditions (GTC) on the site
  • Display data management information
  • Publication of a 14-day cancellation notice on the site

You have to file the report with the competent municipality for a HUF 3,000 fee, and the other legal documents should be done with a lawyer (or based on a template prepared by lawyers ) and uploaded to the webshop page.

Notification of the scope of activities (step-by-step)

You can start the process by requesting a data sheet, which you have to request from the municipality responsible for the previously mentioned seat, fortunately you can do this online. The data sheet can be downloaded from the municipality’s website, if the municipality makes it accessible.

You have to pay this as a tax stamp when you fill it out, the fee of which is HUF 3,000 (You can buy it at the post office and stick it on the application form).

You can submit it to the same competent municipality, from whom you will receive a certificate. You can finally submit this certificate in the Government Window and you are ready.

With this, you have announced the range of activities and can continue to progress on the webshop’s list of legal tasks.


The legal steps are not easy, but they are undoubtedly essential when starting a webshop.

The information described here is informative, for accurate information, be sure to ask the opinion of your lawyer or accountant.

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